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Contents of the 50th Anniversary Edition

Section A

Early Business Men and Firms of Farnam
W. G. Parker in Mercantile Business Here Since 1892
Brief History of Farnam Newspaper
Brief History of Farnam Banks by S. F. Parker
Reverie of a Pioneer by Claude D. Hayden
Let's Call a Spade a Spade! by Fred Ray
Easterners Seek Homes in West
Railroad Line Came Through Farnam 50 Years Ago this Summer
A. B. Thrasher with Burlington 30 Years
Mrs. Roosevelt to Speak at Lincoln
Mrs. McNickle Tells of Girlhood Days by Mrs. Dan McNickle
Keystone Settlement Made Northeast of Farnam in 1883
Tufts Family Among Keystone Settlers
Literary Organized in Farnam in Fall of 1887
Fitch, Dryden and Hayden Families Settle in Vicinity in 1885
Boyhood Recollections of Early Days
at Farnam and Community by Vincent Whitney
Tragic Death of George Dunton
Abe Parsons
Balsers Came to Vicinity in 1887 by Mrs. Julia Hawkenbery
Mrs. Laura Stebbins Gives Glimpses of Life Here in '80's
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Voodry
Early History of Pleasant Ridge by Mabel Baxter
Stedmans to Frontier Co. in Fall of '85
by Mrs. Chas. Stedman nee Lavinnia Lapp
Harry Family in Severe Flood April 7, 1896 by Gracie M. Harry
Mary Troop Farnam Homesteader and Beloved Teacher
A Fascinating Pioneer Story by C. D. Hayden, Frontier Co. Surveyor
W. J. Adkisson Hunted at Farnam Townsite
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kitchen Wed Sixty-Seven Years
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gewecke Celebrated 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1932
Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw Homesteaded in 1885
Rolph Family Here in 1884
Taken from Old Files

Section B

History of Early Church Services in Community by Mrs. Laura Stebbins
Methodist Church Organized in 1892
The Episcopal Church Was Built in 1888 as a Congregational Church
Congregational Church History by B. F. Kerr
Baptist Church Organized, 1890
History of Farnam Catholic Church by John Murphy
History of Farnam Episcopal Church by Mrs. Dora Johnston
An Early Day Fourth of July Picnic Group at the Circle-Bar Ranch
Ben Downard Ran Thrashing Machine
Early Days in Western Nebr. by Mrs. Lon Kelly, nee Amanda Messersmith
Early Days in Frontier County as Given by H. S. Boyle
Mrs. Louise Crossgrove Reviews Pioneer Days
Mr. and Mrs. Crossgrove Held Golden Wedding
Ways of Acquiring Land by Early Settlers
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Brown Homesteaded South of Farnam
in Fall of 1885 by H. N. Brown
Farnam's Only Murder Occurred in July 1893
Gordins Homesteaded Near Orafino in 1885
Mrs. Howard Gardner Tells Story of Early Days at Farnam
by Mrs. Howard Gardner
Mrs. Sadie Brown Tells of Early Experiences Here by Mrs. Sadie Brown
J. W. McElwain Lost in Canyons East of Farnam in Early Days
by J. W. McElwain
Orafino Postoffice Named by Father of Mrs. Wilmeth
by Mrs. Mae Griffith Wilmeth
Whitneys Homesteaded 12 Miles South of Farnam by Mrs. Vincent Whitney
Beery Family Came Here 51 Years Ago by Edward Beery
Farnam Church of the Nazarene by Mrs. L. E. Spencer
Typical Homestead Scene
J. O. Tillotson Still Owns Homestead Taken in 1885
Petersons Homesteaded Near Farnam in 1886 by Wm. Peterson
Steps Being Taken in "Traffic Control"
Baileys Settled Near Orafino in 1884 by Mrs. Pearl Barrett

Section C

The First School at Keystone; Organization of District 51;
Other Early Day Incidents by W. M. Stebbins
The Farnam Public Schools
Taught Keystone School in 1887 by Mrs. John Jack, nee Adele C. Strickland
First School Building Built in Farnam
An Old Timer by Elmer Peckham
McDermott Family
J. P. Burrows Still Has "Soddy"
After the Ball Parody by John Murphy
Reminiscences of Mt. Hope School and Community by J. L. Hicks
Letter from Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Humbert
Memories of the Sod House Days by Kittie Dryden Crampton
Lydic Family Came to Country in 1884 by Mrs. Fred Stevenson
Glimpses of Farnam Fifty Years Ago by Mrs. Jess Fitch nee Alice Phillips
Interesting Letter from Eugene Wood of Scottsville, Va.
Early Farnam Buildings
Going West by A. E. McMichael
Four Families in Illinois Settlement by Mrs. W. C. Rosenfelt
Interesting Pioneer Story of Reed Family by Mrs. Victor Peterson
First Free Homestead was Taken in Nebraska
Mrs. May Moore Adams Tells About an Early Day Sunday School
First G.A.R. Flag Made of Calico
North Union Aid Active 35 Years
Mrs. Liggitt Tells of Early Days on Ranch

Section D

Announce Golden Jubilee Attractions
Congressman C. G. Binderup Here Wednesday
Honorable Dwight Griswold Here Thursday
Honor Roll (list of early settlers)
Final Preparations for Golden Jubilee
Happenings Fifty Years Ago by John W. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Declow Early Day Leaders in Progress of Farnam
Mrs. A. Miller Tells of Hard Times in the '90's by Mrs. Alma L. Miller
Faulkes Family Came in 1885
Geo. Laucomer
Land Family
Greenlee Family Came From Iowa in 1887
Taken From Farnam's First Newspaper
Young Girls of Eighties Hold Reunion
Kerr Family Homestead Here in 1884 by Byron Kerr
E. B. Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. S. Hurshman
Hit by Stray Bullet During Walker Shooting
W. C. T. U. Active Organization at Farnam
John Ainlay Family
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Palmer
Reeves Memorial Hospital
Member American Medical Association by Dr. A. E. Reeves
Missionary in India Daughter of Pioneers
C. J. Crampton Oldest Resident
First Train Arrived July 20, 1886
History of Boston Ridge Community
William Craig Family
R. W. Reynolds Family
Ceder Family Here in 1886
Mrs. Emma Austin
C. A. Rice Family
O. F. Johnson Family
Thos. Thompson Family Early Ranchers Here


W. G. Parker
Congregational Church - Episcopal Church
Methodist Church
Baptist Church
An Early Day Fourth of July Picnic Group at the Circle-Bar Ranch
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Brown Homestead
A. B. Barnhart Family
Farnam Church of the Nazarene
Typical Homestead Scene
The Farnam Public Schools
First School Building Built in Farnam
Farnam's Baseball Team 1886
The Mount Hope Sod School House
A Picture of Farnam's Band Taken April 8, 1892
Early Farnam Buildings
Early Farnam Lumber Yard
Congressman C. G. Binderup
Honorable Dwight Griswold
Farnam Postoffice and Postmaster George Kerr
Reeves Memorial Hospital
Thos. Thompson Ranch


Parker's Garage
E. C. Stickelman & Sons
The Bankers Life Insurance Co., Hugo Blomquist, Ag't
The Stebbins Hotel
Seldomridge Elevator Company
John Rowland - Hugo Blomquist, Insurance
National Assurance Corp., G. W. Pollard, Agt.
Ahrendts Mortuary Service
Parisian Cleaners, Tailors, Hatters
Northwestern Bell Telephone Company
Farnam Theatre
Reeves Memorial Hospital
Farmers Cooperative Association
Farnam Lumber Co.
Farmer's Cooperative Oil Company
Holdrege Roller Mills
Coryell Station, J. O. Martin
I.H.C. Implement Dealer, S. C. Wilcox
W. G. Parker & Sons
The Farnam Bank
Clyde McElmoil Druggist
Mr. and Mrs. W. Blair Heath
A. LaBounty Hardware
E. B. Lewis Produce
Ideal Barber Shop
C. E. Pollard, Insurance
Erickson's Style Shoppe
A. W. Kinney, Dentist
D. D. Case, Ford Dealer
Sugar Loaf Bakery
O. L. Hudson Dray and Transfer Service
Farnam Theatre
Hines Merc. Co.
Golden Jubilee
Hines Merc. Co.
Eustis Sale Barn
Farnam Theatre
Auction SALE of Old Darr Bridge Lumber
Phillips 66 Service Station
W. G. Parker & Sons
1886 1936

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