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Take a Look Back
at Farnam History

W. Blair Heath, editor and publisher of The Farnam Echo, published a fiftieth anniversary edition of the Echo on July 30, 1936. The community was planning a two-day event, called the Golden Jubilee, to be held August 5th and 6th, in commemoration of the incorporation of Farnam in 1886.
The special edition was an excellent compilation of the history of the early years of the community. Personal recollections of still living settlers added authenticity to the numerous articles. The regular editions of the Echo normally consisted of a single section of eight pages on white newsprint. The Golden Jubilee edition consisted of four sections of eight pages each, printed on gold newsprint.
Each section focused on the different cornerstones of the community:
Section A - Businesses
Section B - Churches
Section C - Schools
Section D - Golden Jubilee events
Personal recollections from members of the families who settled the area were scattered throughout all four sections.
In my opinion, there is no better source of early history of Farnam than this special edition of The Farnam Echo. Changes in society, lifestyles, and technology were not as significant during the first fifty years of Farnam's history as they have been in the last sixty. The stories were mostly first-hand accounts, not stories passed down through generations. The spirit of the pioneer still existed in the community, unlike the mobile society that exists today.
On the following pages, every article of the Golden Jubilee edition is recreated as close to its original form as possible. The layout of these electronic pages closely resembles the layout of the original printed edition, with the exception that the original was a five-column layout instead of a two-column layout.
The content of the articles published here are public domain; however, much time and effort has been invested in reproducing it here for the use and enrichment of others interested in the early history of Farnam. Therefore, I kindly ask that you not reproduce, in any form, any part of this site for commercial use without written consent from the web author. Please go to the Copyright link for information on contacting the author.
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