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Railroad Line Came
Through Farnam 50
Years Ago this Summer

The line from Holdrege to Sterling was built by the "Nebraska and Colorado Railroad" which was incorporated under the general law of Nebraska, the certificate of authorization being dated July 24, 1883, and filed with the Secretary of State on July 39, 1883, according to information furnished by H. F. McLaury, advertising agent for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company in the Elwood Bulletin, September 12, 1935. The authorization covered the construction of a railroad from Beatrice, Nebr., to the Nebraska-Colorado state line, together with branches from Strang south to Chester, from Strang north to Fairmont, from Edgar south to Superior, from Holdrege south to Oxford Junction, and from Holdrege northeast to Kenesaw.
The Nebraska & Colorado Railroad Company was organized September 12th of that same year, 1883.
Mr. McLaury further advised that, while the entire line of track from DeWitt to Venango was constructed in the name of the Nebraska and Colorado Railroad, it was actually operated by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy under a lease up to February 15, 1908, upon which date the property was deeded over to the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company, so it is in reality the Burlington that has operated the Highline through Farnam during the past fifty years.
1886 1936


In connection with the railroad here at Farnam, we do not believe that the story would be complete without mentioning the faithful section foreman, A. B. Thrasher. During the last 30 years the Farnam section has been under the care of Mr. Thrasher and he has performed his task well during that time.
Mr. Thrasher, has one of the hardest pieces of track along the highline to maintain, and many times, the flood waters have washed out hundreds of feet of track which have had to be repaired, and this work has largely been under the guidance of Mr. Thrasher.
Mr. Thrasher first started to work for the Burlington railroad in 1886, working on a section gang at Mascot, Nebraska and worked at short intervals until 1898, when he took over the section at Ingham, which he had for about six years. In 1906 he went into the implement business at Farnam and continued until November of that year, when he took over the Farnam section, where he has worked since.
As the length of the different sections have been increased he has had more and more track to take care of and at the present time has a section of 22 miles. This extends from near Kingston, the silica mine, east of Farnam, to west of Moorefield.
1886 1936

Mrs. Roosevelt to Speak at Lincoln

Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt is scheduled to make a talk in Lincoln sometime during November on "The Way to Peace." Mrs. Roosevelt is to make a lecture tour throughout the country, the lectures to be given under the auspices of local charities.
1886 1936

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