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      Sunday January 16, 2022    

  In Memoriam

Died   Name   Cemetery
12/25   Pauline (Rice) Sukraw   Gothenburg, NE

  Born this day in history:

1847 Ernest Jacobs Homestead
1848 Joanna (Dierdoff) Dryden Obituary
1857 Marcellus Mackey Obituary Timber Culture Homestead
1875 Marion C. Kilburn
1881 Carl. J. Blomstedt
1885 Omar C. Kitchen  ’03
1888 Floyd G. Beerman Obituary
1889 James Hoppes Obituary
1901 Mary Ella Boyle Obituary
1920 Eva Lucille (Johnson) Britton Obituary
1924 Floyd Francis Heath Obituary
1935 Loyal Chester Stewart Obituary
1937 Mildred Lucille (Brown) Flynn Obituary
  Died this day in history:

1891 W. H. "William" Rolph Obituary Homestead
1907 Arthur Mason
1917 Dorothy (Stinnette) (Murray) Goodman
1950 Gottlieb Bosch
1956 Albert Devine Obituary
1959 Leon D. Brouillette  ’35
1976 Clifford E. Cotterell
1981 Sarah E. (Surber) Metcalf
2000 Gladys G. (Teel) Harwood  ’29

News from this week in Farnam history:
  – Ingham Unique Mining Industry (1924)
  – Report of the Farnam Hosp. (1924)
  – Farnam Doing Good Business (1924)
  – Somewhere in France (Thompson) (1918)

Recently posted obituaries, news articles and photos

  – Darrah, Thomas Wiley (1875-1931)

  – Sukraw, Pauline (Rice) (1925-2021)

Homestead events on this day in history

Application filed:

1884 George C Carothers Homestead
1884 John Webster Clark Homestead
Final proof filed:

1891 Harry H. Carmichael Cash Entry
1897 James A. Roberts Timber Culture Homestead
1900 Claude Glendening Homestead
1905 Edward Hayward Homestead

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 ’00 = Farnam High School Class of 1900
Patent Type: Cash Entry     Homestead    Timber Culture

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