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Effie Ora Babcock

Effie Ora Babcock, daughter of J. C. and Rebecca Simkins, died August 8, 1946, in her home in Riverside, Calif.

She was married on December 25, 1879 [1887], to Cassius Babcock, and the couple made their first home in Humboldt, Neb., uniting with the Seventh Day Baptist church in that community. They engaged in farming for a number of years at Farnam, Neb. Their last home was in Riverside where both had been faithful members of the church since 1914. They loved the house of God and were always very liberal supporters of church work. The husband passed away in 1941 and Mrs. Babcock had a lingering sickness.

Her friend were many and she had no enemies. She was not only faithful in church work, but was a diligent worker in community uplift and care of the poor and needy.

Memorial services were conducted on August 10 by Rev. E. S. Ballenger, acting pastor of the Riverside Church. The deceased was laid by her husband in Hollywood [Olivewood] Cemetery.

The Sabbath Recorder, Vol 141, No 16, p 291, Oct. 14, 1946.

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