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Obituary Collection

On Wednesday evening of last week Theador Starkey was thrown from a horse he was riding which later proved to be fatal. The mule that he had been leading broke loose and started to run away and in trying to catch the animal his horse bucked throwing him into a wire fence and hurting his back.

He was taken to Holdrege that evening for medical aid but little help came from there as his spine was affected which caused his death Friday morning at 2:30.

Theador Lewis Starkey was born south of Farnam August 25th 1904 and died May 26th, 1922 at the age of 17 years, 9 months and 1 day. He was converted into the Baptist church at the age of 12 years and last fall into the Lone Star church. Lewis was a faithful worker in the church and outside and will be greatly missed in the neighborhood by his friends with whom he had worked with for the past three years.

Funeral services were held in the Baptist church Sunday conducted by Rev. P. J. Kirk, pastor of the M. E. church and assisted by Rev. Chas. Johnson, pastor of the Lone Star church. The remains was laid to rest in the Farnam cemetery.

The stars shall shine for a thousand years,
   A thousand years and a day.
But God and I will live and love,
   When the stars have passed away

The Farnam Echo (29):1 Friday, June 2, 1922

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