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H. C. Kitchen Killed

FARNAM, Neb., July 13.—Harry C. Kitchen was killed at Holyoke. He was a brakeman on the B. & M. His body was brought here for burial.

The McCook Tribune, 19 July 1901

The people of our town were very much shocked Tuesday evening to learn of the sad death of Harry Kitchen, a B. & M. brakeman. He had come in from the east on No. 153 and was helping switch in the yard when he was caught between the bumpers of two coaches and injured so badly that he died in less than an hour. How he came to get caught between the cars will never be known. The wind was blowing a gale at the time and the air was full of dust and it is reasonable to suppose that he miscalculated the distance between the moving coach and the one to which it was to be coupled and attempted to pass through in order to couple from the other side. He was carried to the depot and from there to the Commercial Hoteld. He talked but little after receiving the injury. Elmer Albro who was braking on the same train discovered him pinned between the two coaches and signaled the engineer to pull the coach forward and ran to his assistance. After they reached the Hotel with him he told them to telegraph his mother and send a special to bring her from their home at Farnam, Neb., to Holyoke. Dr. SMith and Dr. Nobel were both present to do all that could be done for him. Rev. Stillman of Haxtun was at the hotel and was called in. The body was sent to Farnam, Neb., on the night train. For about 13 months he had been making Holyoke his home and during that time had made many friends. He was highly respected by all who made his acquaintance. The family have the sympathy of his friends in Holyoke in their great sorrow.

Phillips County Herald 14(49):1 Friday, July 12, 1901

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