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Death of Neoma Greenlee

The residents of Farnam were greatly shocked this morning to hear of the sudden death of Neoma Greenlee after an illness of but a few days. She had been staying at the farm home of her brother Frank’s a few miles southwest of Farnam and few knew of her illness until the news of her death reached here this morning.

Neoma has been a resident of Farnam since girlhood and has a large circle of friends to mourn her death.

The funeral services will be held Saturday at 12:30 at the home of her brother, Frank Greenlee. Interment will be at the Farnam cemetery.

The Farnam Echo 12(5):1 Thursday, January 14, 1914

Published: 7/1/2022 - http://www.historicfarnam.us/cemetery/obits/index.asp
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