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Obituary Collection
Robert Cloyd

Robert Cloyd was born in Indiana. He served in the infantry with the Indiana Regiment during the Civil War. Robert, his wife, Ann, and two children left Indiana and settled for a few years in Iowa. In the early 1870’s the family came to Nebraska. On October 6, 1873 they homesteaded the NE¼ of Section 14 in Glengary Township. Robert and Ann had seven children. Ann died February 10, 1879, and was buried in the cemetery south of Milligan which is now named the Bohemian National Cemetery. This is the oldest marked grave in this cemetery. Robert Cloyd received his homestead deed from the United States Government on September 9, 1882. Robert Cloyd married Mrs. Celenda Wilkeson [Palmer]. Three children were born to them. In 1887 Cloyd sold the homestead and moved to a farm in Section 36 of Chelsea Township. In 1893 they moved west to a farm near Moorefield, Nebraska. Robert Cloyd died at his home in Farnam, Nebraska, on June 10, 1902. The homestead is now owned by Albert Kassik, Jr.

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