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Indian House Uncovered At Stockville Recently

While leveling ground for the race track being constructed by WPA workers at the Frontier county fairgrounds in Stockville, workers discovered the remains of an ancient Indian village, dating back to a race of early house dwellers.

John Howe, archeologist, and known widely in this section as an authority on early Indian life, is investigating the site, definitely located sites of two of the ancient houses and reported that he had high hopes of restoring one of the dwellings as it was when occupied by the early aborigineals [sic].

Workers found evidence of the house about a foot under the natural surface of the ground with numerous artifacts including broken pieces of pottery, some charcoal and bone and flint implements. Holes where poles had been set to support the roof were cleaned out and a cache hole was also discovered.

Site of the two houses has been set aside and further excavation and grading work on the fairgrounds will not interfere with the ancient dwelling, and advantage toward its restoration.—Curtis Enterprise

The Farnam Echo 35(29):1, Thursday, 23 March 1939


Published: 8/16/2022 -
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