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Successful Celebration

Fourth of July Big Free Act announcement, June 25, 1914

The fourth of July celebration this year at Farnam was pronounced a success by nearly every one present. Eustis, Stockville, Curtis, Moorefield, Hunt, Orafino and several other nearby localities were represented. The day was an exceptional one, so far as the weather was concerned, and everything worked like a charm. A few numbers on the program were omitted on account of lack of time but there was something doing every minute.

It is true that we cannot crow very loud about how our ball boys trimmed the visiting teams but such things are liable to happen in the best of communities.

No accidents of any consequence were reported and taking it all in all we feel that the celebration was quite a success.

The program began at midnight on the night of the third. Aside from the usual outbursts of enthusiasm and fire-crackers at that time nearly everyone in Farnam was treated to a serenade by the “German band” (?) which was composed mostly of dish pans, cow bells, old horns, and other harmonious instruments. This band was made up entirely of young ladies. Prof. Beaman, of John Parker’s Blacksmith shop also favored the people at intervals with what might be termed the anvil chorus.

The program proper began on the morning of the fourth and was opened by a band concert given by the Eustis band, which by the way, furnished excellent music at different times during the day.

The male quartette favored the audience with a couple selections and Hon. James Pearson of Moorefield delivered an address which was very interesting to all.

The sporting events took place immediately after dinner, an outline of which was as follows:

Baseball game by Stockville Colts vs. Farnam Tigers and was won by Stockville.

Boys’ race (under 8 years old); first Floyd Hudson; second Milo Greenlee; third, Willard Carman.

Boys’ race (under 14 years of age); first, Roy Stilley; second, Arnold, and Walter Cameron third.

Free for all race, first, Floyd Blackwood, and Gene Pollard second.

Girls’ race (under 12 years old); first, Ella Klein; second, Emma Klein, third, Hester Carman.

Sack race; first Roy Stilley; second, Roy Stark; third, Walter Cameron.

Shoe and stocking race; first, Willie Stebbins; second, Lee Fairbanks; third, Walter Cameron.

The ball game between the Moorefield and Farnam schools was won by the visiting team.

There was only one contestant for the tub and nozzle contest—Lee Hudson.

The water fight was probably the most exciting and interesting event of the day. Those entered in the contest were Burr Parker and Lee Hudson against Lou Gosch and C. E. Duncan. The boys had plenty of endurance and played the hose on each other unmercifully for several minutes. The purse was equally divided.

The big free act which was put on both in the afternoon and evening was daring and clever and appeared to be appreciated by everyone.

In the evening W. J. Ainlay conducted a dance under the big tent which was well patronized until midnight, when everything closed.

The Farnam Echo 11(30):1, Thursday, 9 July 1914


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