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Funds For New Hospital Are Gradually Climbing

The funds for Farnam’s new Hospital are gradually accumulating and if you are watching the thermometer in Parker’s store you will see how they are climbing. The Doctor and his helpers are keeping persistently at their task and in a short time we are expecting to hear the Doctor announce that they are ready to start work. Let us take right hold and help with this work by paying your old account or giving bankable paper so this work can be started. We are hoping to see this new building under construction before the summer is over and we are quite sure there are many others who feel the same. With a hospital like this in our community, it will be unnecessary for patients to go to distant hospitals to be treated.

Dr. Reeves already has a splendid line of equipment and he will add to this if the new building goes through. Let us all do our part to help make a Good Town better.

The Farnam Echo (30), Thursday, 4 June 1925


Published: 8/12/2022 -
Hosted and Published by Weldon Hoppe