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Dr. Reeves Plans New Hospital

At different times the Editor has talked with Doctor Reeves about his plans for a new hospital for Farnam, and we shall endeavor to outline them to you in the following paragraphs as he has to us.

We all realize that it requires a concentrated effort and push from the entire community to build a new building, so let’s get our shoulders to the wheel and push for an improvement of this kind would be a splendid asset to any community.

We doubt if there is another town in the state the size of Farnam that has a hospital doing any where near the business that is done here. The Farnam hospital has passed the experimental stage and only a larger building with more space is needed to still enlarge its scope of work.

Plans are now being figured on and if each one will respond as we believe they will, the new hospital is assured. The following are the Doctor’s plans to secure funds for the building; First–a committee will call personally on everyone who is owing him and they will be requested to meet the obligation by either the cash or a bankable note. Of course the cash is preferred, but bankable paper as collateral will help materially. This method will not work a hardship on anyone.

Second–No donations will be accepted or requested, but a number have manifested a desire to assist and this will be accepted as follows; Dr. Reeves will give his note bearing 6 per cent interest for every dollar loaned him, these notes will be due in one or two years and during this time any services rendered by him or the hospital will be credited on the note.

Let’s talk this over and be prepared to assist when the committee calls.

The Farnam Echo , Thursday, 7 May 1925


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