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Farnam’s bachelors as well as many of the housewives are looking forward to the opening of the new bakery. Farnam has been without a bakery since last January when Mr. Blackwood’s establishment was practically destroyed by fire, and was compelled to go out of business because of no available building suitable for that purpose at that time.

George Buss, one of Farnam’s native boys, has leased the Johnston building just south of the Pollard and Corell store and will open up a neat and up–to date bakery there some time the first of the month. He has leased the machinery and the large oven from A. T. Blackwood and have been busy installing this equipment for the past week. The oven is of 265 loaf size and will turn out as nicely baked and good tasting bread as mother used to make. There is also a large sanitary mixing machine which is run by an electric motor, which helps to speed the work as well as lighten it.

Mr. Buss has been employed in the bakery business for the past several months and is now work[ing] at Stratton, during the absence of their baker. He has also had considerable experience in the pastry line, and we can see no reason why Mr. Buss will not make a big success of his new undertaking in the business circles of Farnam.

Farnam is a town which uses much bakers bread and no doubt Mr. Buss will be surprised at the number of hungry bread eaters when he tries to keep the show cases filled. His father will also assist him with the work in the front part. We wish him much success in his new undertaking.

The Farnam Echo (11):1, Thursday, 24 January 1924


Published: 2/7/2023 -
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