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The fire department was called out about six o’clock last Friday morning, when the Farnam bakery was discovered to be on fire, in the wall by the chimney. The fire is supposed to have originated either from a spark from the chimney or from a defective flue.

Andrew Blackwood, proprietor of the bakery, was temporarily out of the shop. He had been to work and started a fire in the stove and gone home to eat breakfast, and returning found the building to be on fire. He turned in the alarm, and in a short time the flames were extinguished. Fortunately, the wind was not blowing, and the flames were prevented from spreading to the near buildings. However, considerable damage both from the fire and water, was done to the building and contents. The large oven is practically ruined as well as other equipment. The new bread mixer was located in the front part of the building and no damage was done to it.

Frank Goeltl, of Lincoln, owner of the building, arrived in Farnam Monday. The loss is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $1500, a part of which is covered with insurance.

The old saying, “we never miss the water ’til the well goes dry,” holds good in regard to bakery goods. Andy put out some fine class bakery goods in Farnam with the bakery closed at present on account of the fire insurance adjustment, we have had to eat imported bread which is generally from two to three days old, at least we hope Andy gets another building here and he will be able to start–up again.

The Farnam Echo (10):1, Friday, 19 January 1923


Published: 9/25/2023 -
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