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Keystone Items - 10 October 1885

Very windy last week.

A bad time for prairie fires. It is a good plan to have property guarded before a fire is seen coming.

Our school commenced Aug. 21st and is in a prosperous condition.

M. B. Taylor has just finished cutting a forty acre field of corn.

Land agent Fulton, of Cozad, was in town last week with a large party of speculators.

Messrs. T. M. Meredith, Oyler, and E. Y. B. Smith are each having water wells put down. These make about one dozen wells within a small radius. The time will soon come when water will be as free and plenty here as in the Platte River.

A threshing machine called on a number of our townsmen last week, leaving them in a very dusty condition. The oat crop averaged about thirty-six bushels per acre.

Messrs. Jay Stebbins and Chas. Hill, young men from New York State, are visiting friends and relatives here.

S. M. Parker is erecting extensive cattle sheds on his ranch west of town.

A person never having seen Keystone on a mail day, can form no accurate idea of its size or the amount of business done. On these days (Tuesday and Friday) may be seen staid married couples in wagons and carriages, handsome maidens on horseback, and sad-eyed bachelors on foot, all wending their way to the center of attraction, the postoffice, until Main street is literally thronged with expectant groups, all anxious to hear the latest news from the suburban towns in the valley.

I. C.

The Gothenburg Independent 1(23):4, Saturday, 10 October 1885


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