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Keystone Items - 15 August 1885

No hail. Crops are splendid. Small grain is all harvested and stacked.

Green corn and watermelons suffices the green apple season of the east.

Sheriff Hunter, of Aleghaney county, Pa., the guest of Sam'l Parker, went to North Platte, Thursday.

The contestant of A. Garvin's homestead did not appear at North Platte the day advertised, so all is well for Garvin.

Another lot of goods arrived at Gothenburg, this week, for S. M. Smith. Cap. means business.

Our land agent, W. L. Declow, has opened an office in Gothenburg, and is turning off land in great shape, having sold section 3, 8, 25, at $5.75 per acre; section 7, 9, 25, at $5.25, and two other sections on private terms, the past week. Having sold his steam thresher he will not return east as he intended.

W. M. Stebbins has his barn finished and now has things in “dandy” shape.

M. B. Taylor took in Gothenburg, last Friday.

School will begin October 1st. W. M. Stebbins is employed as teacher. Will is an expert in this line and we will have a good school.


The Gothenburg Independent 1(15):4, Saturday, 15 August 1885


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