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Accidental Killing

An accidental killing is reported from Moorefield on Christmas. The characters represented are stated as father, son, son-in-law, a jug of Maywood whiskey and a double barreled shot gun. Rumor says that the old man got outside of too much of the “hell broth” then got his fighting blood up, started for the house saying he would settle matters with the shot gun, the son outran him got the gun first, took it out of the house and attempted to cripple the gun by smashing the stock on the ground. The result was worse than expected, both barrels were exploded, the contents of one striking the son in the thigh and the other striking the son-in-law in the head causing death almost instantly. The body of the murdered man was embalmed Tuesday by Earl Carstensen of Curtis. We are informed that thus far no inquest has been held over the unfortunate young man. Mr. T. Flanigan, the father, once lived just east of Curtis, near D. D. Elson’s. The son-in-law, a Mr. Brittenham, now lying dead, was a fine young man of good repute and character. Peace to his ashes. Whiskey, that active assistant of fiends infernal such as hell never before vomited forth to afflict humanity is clearly responsible for this wanton waste of life and the murdered man’s blood will mingle with other victims gone before as a sacrificial offering to this foul blot upon our social customs. May a just God meet out sure and speedy retrebutive punishment upon all who putteth the cup to his neighbor’s lips and maketh him drunken also.

The Curtis Enterprise 21(50):1, Friday, 29 December 1905


Published: 11/26/2022 -
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