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Mammoth Tooth Found

Last Saturday Arthur Beye brought into this office a large tooth, which he had found while hunting a couple of miles south of town. The tooth is presumably one of some prehistoric animal, which scientists call Mastodons, and which roamed over the North American continent, during the glacial period.

This is the only tooth of this nature which has been located in this immediate section, that Mr. Beye knows of, however, several have been found along the Medicine valley, as well as other remains of bones from them.

The tooth weighs about four pounds, and Mr. Beye says that there was evidently some more of it, which had been covered up in the wash out. It attracted his attention, because a piece of it had just recently fallen off and as it was in the clay bank, this left a white spot. The tooth is deteriated and is in thin layers, and the layers are easily scaled off.

Mr. Beye says that when the frost goes out of the ground he is planning on doing some more exploring in the vicinity to see if any thing else can be discovered.

The Farnam Echo 50(19):1, Thursday, 8 January 1931


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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