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The Echo Starts on Its Thirty-Seventh Year

We were so busy last week that we did not have time to make mention of the fact that The Echo was starting off on its thirty-seventh year. The Echo was first called The Public Press and the first issue was published by Dave Magoun, December 16, 1886. Farnam was then a new town the railroad having gone thru in the spring of ’86.

The Echo has changed hands and names a number of times since it was founded. It was given the name Echo sometime about the beginning of the 20th century and has carried that name ever since. It was then a small paper only four columns wide and was printed on a small job press. It has since grown from four to five columns and about a year ago, Mr. Falb the former editor, changed it to six columns the size it is now running. We purchased the shop from Mr. Falb the first of last April and with the cooperation of the business men who have been carrying regular ads, the country correspondents and those who have been kind enough to phone us the news we have been able to put out as newsy a little paper as most any of our sister towns along the High Line. We wish to say here that [we] shall endeavor to make the Echo what we think it ought to be and what we think the people want and we always try to tell the truth.

We are planning on putting out a special edition for Christmas which we expect to publish about the 13th of December. We hope to make this the best issue we have ever put out and we are going to ask all our correspondents to write up a nice column of items for this issue and please have them in on time. If everyone does their part to help we know that it shall be a success. Let’s begin to plan for it Now.

We also want to tell you about our Christmas cards which have just arrived. We have a few boxes on hand and have a splendid line to order from, so come in Early and look them over and get our prices. We print your name and any greeting you wish on these cardss for a small additional cost.

The Farnam Echo 37(2):1, Thursday, 22 November 1923


Published: 8/14/2022 -
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