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Two Men Shot

Farnam the Scene of an Attempted Murder

A telegram was received here by Sheriff Hamilton on Thursday last stating that two men had been that morning shot at Farnam. In the afternoon Sheriff Frank E. Teel, of Frontier county, arrived in the city having in his custody J. B. Walker, the man who did the shooting. Walker was turned over to Sheriff Hamilton and lodged in jail, where he now is awainting the results of his crime.

The facts so far as we have been able to gather them appear to show that Walker, for a number of years has been considered a dangerous man by his neighbors, all of whom, it is said, shunned him as much as possible. He lives in Frontier county, about a mile and a half south of the Dawson county line, having located there fifteen or sixteen years ago. He has half a section of land and has always, it is asserted, been averse to anyone taking land or settling near him. And those who did so are the ones against whom he holds enmity.

Among this latter number is G. P. Stevens, who was in Farnam on Thursday morning last. He had just stepped out of Dunham’s drug store when his ears were assailed by a pistol shot, the ball of which passed through his right hand. He at once fled without looking to see who fired the shot. Before he got out of reach another ball struck him in the back near the hip and he fell to the earth. The would-be-murderer, Walker, used a 38-calibre revolver, which he emptied, one of the balls striking a bystander named Samuel Wykoff. The latter was struck over the left eye and fell to the ground as though he had been shot through the heart. The ball, however, did not penetrate the skull, and was afterwards extracted by the attending physician, Dr. Kreecorian.

Immediately after the shooting Walker proceeded to his home, and some time later a posse of citizens armed themselves and followed him. He was arrested without trouble and brought back to Farnam where a complaint of attempted murder was filed against him before Justice Anthony Garvin. His preliminary hearing resulted in his being ordered to be taken to Lexington to await the result of the injuries he had inflicted upon his victims.

Walker, who is about 55 years of age, has no family and has always lived alone. He is said to be a native of Kentucky and during the war of the rebellion to have been a member of Quantrell’s notorious band of bushwhackers.

Stevens, the man he attempted to murder, is also 55 years old, and is a Union veteran. He resides in Frontier county, near Walker’s place. Wykoff is about 50 years of age and has a farm in this county not far from Farnam.

So far as we are able to learn both men are alive as we go to press although Dr. Kreecorian has given it as his opinion that Stevens cannot live.

When Walker was searched at the jail he had upon his person $909.50 in gold and currency and a draft for $1,000. Yesterday the money was deposited in the First National Bank.

Dawson County Pioneer 21(3):1, Saturday, 13 May 1893


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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