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Keystone Items - 6 June 1885

Fine corn weather, farmers are nearly through planting.

Mr. Geo Stevens lost a valuable cow recently.

The recent rains has made sod breaking very fine and farmers are improving it.

Messrs Hanna & Gunn are erecting a new mill for Keystone Town Site Co., in place of the old one which proved a failure. Its progress is anxiously watched by those living near who have no wells, although M B Taylor has generously furnished water from his well free of charge to all his neighbors.

Mrs M C Divoll arrived from Cherry Creek, N Y, last week, who with her husband intends to establish a home for themselves in our community. M C is an enterprising, industrious young man, who has commenced farming in the right way. We wish him every success.

It would be much better for our country and society here in Keystone, if a number of our young bachelors who are holding claims merely to fulfill the law, and for speculation, would take a sail in that good old ship, courtship, arriving at the port of matrimony and -- come to stay.

Frank Hawkenbury met with what might have been a very serious accident the other day. Seeing a prairie wolf near his door he snatched his gun (an old musket, one of the kill-at-both-ends-kind) and without examining it, hastily took aim and fired. The barrel had by some means become choked with dirt and bursted, a piece striking and badly lacerating his right hand. The wolf is still alive.

Mr John Tillotson, a resident of Iowa, is in town. He is well pleased with the country and will locate here if he can find a suitable claim.

The corn-planter furnished by Philips and Parker has been kept very busy for the last two or three weeks. Their terms are reasonable and it does good work.

Our R R is now considered a sure thing. The great question is: Where will the station be? As many as half a dozen different sections have been selected as suitable, by residents near the same, but we do not know that anything definite has been decided on at headquarters.

I. C.

The Gothenburg Independent 1(5):4, Saturday, 6 June 1885


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