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Work Beginning on Road West to Deer Creek

Preparation for the building of the bridges and culverts and the grading of the road west from Farnam to the Deer creek hill was started the first of the week. This road will run from the main street of Farnam about four miles west. Starting from the intersection on main street, it will run west on the street past Parker’s garage and continuing almost straight west thru the John Robert and Henry Brown places, until it intersects with the railroad on the farm of Dr. A. E. Reeves, occupied by Albert Smallfoot, and will then cross the railroad and angle southwest, going thru about where the farm buildings are on the Reeves place, and connecting with the present county line road, about a quarter of a mile southwest of the farm buildings. It will then follow the present road to the Deer creek hill.

Besides the building of bridges and culverts, the state will grade this entire road. The labor on the road is to be supplied as far as possible from the reemployment bureau, and will be divided between the three counties, Dawson, Lincoln and Frontier.

The contract for the culverts was let to Steel Bros. and the bridges to the Blue Valley construction company. Work preliminary to the construction of culverts and bridges was started on Wednesday morning.

Jack Britton of Dorchester is foreman of the construction operations.

The Farnam Echo 4(53):1, Thursday, 1 October 1936


Published: 8/17/2022 -
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