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A Brief, But Interesting History of Ingham

Ingham, some thirty five years ago was just in the making, and little did the people think that it was, destined to be the Community center that it is today.

In 1894 the first building went up in Ingham, the elevator. Remodeled greatly the original building still stands part of the business section of that little center. M. D. Frank was the first Manager of the business and A. LaBounty was his assistant. There being no postoffice there at that time, Mr. Frank put the peoples mail in a sack and brought it to the office at Farnam when he came here to get his market reports, etc.

In the year of ’97 William Peterson went to Inhgam and built their first general store and started the first post office in Ingham. While their home was still unfinished, a terrific storm struck thru’ this country, and seven families in that vicinity were forced to take refuge from the high waters in the little old school house which at that time was located about a mile and a half north of where Ray Applegate’s home is now. The school building was later moved into Ingham and served as a residence of the Axtell family until they built their new homes there a few years ago.

Mr. Peterson sold his business a couple years later, and moved to Moorefield where his children would be close to school. They later moved back to their homestead where they resided until they moved to town ten years ago.

C. J. Miller was Ingham’s next merchant, succeeding Mr. Peterson. In the meantime F. H. Woodgate of Welfleet had started a store and bought grain and hogs as a side line, and at the termination of a year or so purchased the business of Mr. Miller.

Only a few years elapsed until the Axtell families moved to Ingham and opened the Silica mine, later purchasing the general store and elevator. Today they own all the business buildings and residences of Ingham and have broadened their business professions to other towns as well.

The new school house at Ingham was erected only a few years ago, but today thru the efforts of those interested in that place, has a splendid facility and are enjoying the privileges of a much larger school, than they.

Loyal to their “Little Berg” the people there enjoy a “community spirit” which is often lacking in larger places. Nothing but the best is satisfactory to them, the community pride that has made Ingham the “homey” little center that it is today.

The Farnam Echo 42(42):1, Thursday, 22 August 1929


Published: 8/17/2022 -
Hosted and Published by Weldon Hoppe