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From the Soldiers (F. Reeves, L. Stilley)

Deming, N.M. Oct. 3, 1917.

Dear Friend:

It has been raining here again today and last night, but it is as hot during the daytime as ever. Tomorrow we move our camp, or that is Co. L moves up within about a half mile from town. We have been changed into the 134 U.S. Infantry, instead of the Fifth Neb. and the Fourth Reg. has been changed into the Heavy Artillery. The Sixth is broken up and will be transferred into different regiments.

We had a review parade the other day and there were about 1800 men, or 36 companies. When they had passed General Harries it was said that Co. L had the best lineout of the 36 companies.

Edward Davidson, Arthur Beye and Chas. Owens and others were up to the mountains Sunday. They said they climbed for about three or four hours and then they didn't get more than half way up. We can see the “Three Sisters,” which are mountains in Old Mexico and the line is only 20 miles from here.

There has been two or three train loads of drafted men coming in here for the last three or four days, and we will soon have this desert filled with men.

They are building a rifle range for us which occupies 1000 acres and takes 10,000 feet of lumber to construct it; so you see we will soon be busy on target practice.

Co. L played ball with Co. M Monday and beat them 5 to 1, and we expect to have a regimental track meet next week. We look for Co. L to carry off some of the grapes.

We have a cook shack that will seat 300 men, we also have a shower bath. Deming furnishes electricity to light our cook shack and Y.M.C.A.

All the boys wish to take this opportunity to thank the young people of the churches for those beautiful testaments which we received some time ago, and we sure appreciate the thoughfulness of the folks at home.

We feel fine in spite of the hot weather, but we will soon get used to that if we stay here long.

Well, as it is almost time for “taps” we will have to ring off and get our bunks fixed before the seargent comes around and says “all lights out.”

Yours truly,
Frank Reeves
C. LeRoy Stilley
Co. L, 134 U.S.A.

The Farnam Echo 14(44):1, Thursday, 11 October 1917


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