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Delbert Darrah Fatally Injured In Runaway

The tragic death of Delbert Darrah Wednesday morning came as a shock to his many friends and neighbors in this community. The accident occurred early Wednesday morning as Delbert was going to work on the project dam1, just west of town.

It is thought that he opened the gate at the entrance from the street to the grounds where the dam is being built, and walked in front of the team, intending to load them through the gate. The horses began to run and Delbert grabbed the bridle of one of the horses, and held to the bit in an effort to stop them as they raced madly across the full length of the spill-way of the dam. Arriving at the end of the spill-way, the horses plunged down over the steep embankment. As they made their decent [sic.] over the embankment, Delbert lost his hold and fell in the ditch at the bottom. The horses ran down into the field a short distance and stopped.

The other men who work on the dam had not yet arrived, but Mrs. Harland Davis was out in her yard and saw the accident. Summoning Bertha and Harold Hoy, and O. A. McGuire, they drove to the scene of the accident and helped Delbert to the car, immediately bringing him to the hospital. It was found that five ribs on the left side were broken puncturing the lung cavity. His left arm was dislocated and he had several serious cuts and contusions on the head. He passed away at 11:30 a. m. on the same forenoon.

Delbert came to this community as a boy and he has lived here since. He attended the Farnam high school. For a good many years he has lived with his mother on a farm owned by D. D. Case, three and one-half miles northeast of town. He was a kind and helpful neighbor, was ever loyal and kind to his mother during the many years they have lived together. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him and the many friends of the family extend their heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Darrah in this sad hour of bereavement.

As we go to press, no definite funeral arrangements have been made, but it is thought that the services will be held Friday at Farnam.

The Farnam Echo 53(17):1, 31 December 1936

1The reference to the project dam is the construction of a WPA project funded by the government to provide employment and income during a very difficult national financial era in the 30’s. The dam is now referred to as the Farnam Reservoir on present day maps.

The Farnam Echo 53(17):1, Thursday, 31 December 1936


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