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Plum Creek Golf Club to Make Extensive Improvements

On Tuesday evening a number of the golf enthusiasts met at the I.O.O.F. hall and reorganized and elected officers for the ensuing year.

Following are the minutes of the meeting:

Tuesday evening, March 11, 1924.

The Plum Creek Golf Club met at the I.O.O.F. hall for the purpose of reorganizing and electing officers.

G. W. Pollard was elected president and Manager. John A. Rowland was elected Secretary and Treasurer. Floyd H. Crawford elected Publicity Manager. Motion was made by Thompson and seconded by Crawford that we make the dues $5.00 per year. Carried. Motion was mde by Crawford and seconded by Thompson, that Dale Parker be appointed manager of water and sand boxes, received a membership card as compensation. Carried.

It is hereby made a rule of the club that 10c is the maximum amout that any member may pay for lost balls of for single round caddy fees.

Owen Thompson, T. W. Ainlay and John A. Rowland were appointed as a committee to make a membership drive.

Motion made by T. W. Ainlay and seconded by C. B. Parker that chair appoint a committee of three to lay out grounds. Carried.

C. E. Gish and C. B. Parker were appointed to act with the chair on the above committee.

A motion was made and seconded that we erect sand and water boxes and build tees. Carried.

Motion made and seconded that we have 100 membership cards printed. Carried.

Moved and seconded that we adjourn. Carried.

John A. Rowland, Sec.

The Farnam Echo 21(14):1, Thursday, 13 March 1924


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