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Issue No. 1 of Farnam Press

Today we are coming forth with the first issue of the Farnam Press and while there are more or less complications due to the recent moving of the printing plant, and to the fact that we are strangers to the community, we are hoping that our initial effort will establish us here and be the start of a long and useful residence in Farnam.

We moved here from Primrose, over in Boone county, earlier this month because we liked the general appearance, progressiveness and friendliness of the town and people, and the longer we stay the more evident these likable features become.

We are not beginners in the printing game, having started our apprenticeship with Mac Warrington on the Mason City Transcript in April 1910, after which we moved to Primrose and operated our own printing and publishing business for better than 29 years, and now hope to remain in Farnam for a long, long time.

People here have been very nice to us and we are going to do our level best to reciprocate.

We intend to boost for Farnam and vicinity and all its worthy projects but it should also be remembered that we are like any other business and will need patronage, both in the advertising and printing departments as well as in the subscription line, so if you have not yet been contacted bear in mind that it is no slight and call in and see us.

The Farnam Press 1(1):1, Thursday, 26 September 1940


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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