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Hand Lost in Cornpicker

Last Wednesday afternoon Jess Zysset got his hand caught in a corn picker.

When Jess stopped his corn picker to pull a corn stalk from the rollers, he failed to disengage the power-take-off. Upon taking ahold of the stalk, at the same instant his foot slipped offf of the clutch, and his right hand went into the rollers.

Realizing what had happened he shut the tractor off with his foot.

Mrs. Joy Russell heard Jess calling for help, she summoned Joy and they went to help. Before the Russell’s arrived Jess had got a pair of pliers from his pocket and had removed one bolt but was unable to loosen the other bolt that was holding the roller.

Mrs. and Mrs. Russell took him to a Gothenburg hospital, where the doctor had to remove his hand above the wrist.

The Farnam Press 19(6):1, Thursday, 13 November 1958


Published: 8/16/2022 -
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