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Report of the Farnam Hospital

It may be of some interest to the people of Farnam and community to know something of the work of the Farnam Hospital since its establishment. That they may judge whether it is worthy of the loyal support it has received.

The following is a classification of patients treated.

Medical Patients:
Pneumonia patients 1, deaths 1
Unclassified patients 10, deaths none

Obstetrical patients 17, deaths none

Surgical patients 54, deaths none

The proposition of more and better hospital facilities must be met in the near future, every physician who makes an effort to keep abreast of the times to gather the new modern methods of treating disease realized the importance of hospitals where work may be more centralized and efficiently done. The equipment of the Farnam Hospital is second to none, with the Physio–Therapy and X–Ray equipment in Farnam centered under one building would be as modern as any in the state. As efficient work can be done in Farnam as well as any city, if the people here desire and work for that end.

For the reason of lacking facilities to work with, and no other physicians all over the country are leaving the smaller places and going to the cities, where the personal satisfaction of being able to do their work better is the only additional compensation.

— Dr. A. E. Reeves

The Farnam Echo (10):1, Thursday, 17 January 1924


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