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Farnam Doing Good Business

In spite of the hard times the past few years business seems to be gaining and Farnam has been handling her share of it. Below is a partial report of the shipments and receipts for the past year in car load lots. The following were shipped out of Farnam: 8 cars of Emigrant and Household goods; 104 cars of corn, and most of it the past 30 days; 3 cars of oats; 32 cars of wheat; 3 cars of hay; 1 car of scrap iron; 47 cars of cattle and 96 cars of hogs, and 1 of oil. A total of 290 car loads being shipped. But a small portion of the 1923 corn crop has been moved yet, so will come in next year’s report.

The following cars were received at the Farnam station the past year: 4 cars of Agricultural implements and vehicles; 6 cars of automobiles; 2 cars of cement; 2 cars of hard coal and 36 cars of soft coal; 5 cars of emigrant and household goods; 3 cars of oats; 1 car of flour and meal; 15 cars of ice; 7 cars of cattle; 1 car of sheep; 14 cars of lumber and other forest products; 22 cars of oil; 2 cars of plaster; 4 cars of salt; 4 cars of sand and gravel and one of seeds. A total of 142 cars imported. Our exports were 148 cars more than our imports.

There was also a total of 2565 cans of cream shipped from Farnam the past 12 months. Most of our poultry and eggs were hauled out in trucks, so it is rather hard to give any figures from this branch of the farm products. But the hens are doing their part to put Nebraska on the map as an egg producing and poultry state.

The Farnam Echo (9):1, Sunday, 20 January 1924


Published: 8/16/2022 -
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