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Farnam's Schools Interesting Feature of Village

One outstanding feature of every worthwhile community, which always attracts and holds the interest of strangers and adds a softer throb to the heartbeat of all loyal local citizens is the school. Someone has said that strangers judge a town or community by the kind of school it supports. Not only in size and athletics, but by its moral features is it widely known and closely judged. Stop and think for yourself—Did a stranger ever ask me, ‘what kind of a school do you have here?’ If you have ever conversed with a stranger that question has undoubtedly been asked of you—Just how did you answer?

The school is near and dear to the hearts of the people because it is there where the characters and futures of the young lives of the community are being moulded and shaped in preparation for the greater activities of life.

The Keystone school or first organized was built of sod and stood in the north part of section three. In the year 18[8]7 the school was moved to town, where Mr. E. T. Buss held the first position as teacher. Conditions kept improving and progressing until a second building was erected in 1899. The tenth grade was added while in this building. In 1907 it was found that more room was needed and the present high school building was erected. Farnam now boasts an accredited school with a total enrollment of 244. During the past six years manual Training, Cooking, Sewing, Music and Normal and Professional Training have been added. This year under the supervision of Supt. Carter, Commercial Law and Spanish have been added.

Ten faculty members are required to carry on the instruction work of the school. The high school teachers are Supt. Carter, Coach Casey, Mrs. Inez Cameron, Miss Mabel Root and Miss Florence Way. Florence Velte is again teaching the 7th and 8th grades, Mabel Banks the 5th and 6th, Ruth Kerr the 3rd and 4th and Mrs. W. R. Carter and Mrs. Maud Stebbins the primary room. The hearty manner in which the parents and students are cooperating with the teachers for better work, shows only too well that the faculty and student body are as one group combined, working for the good of the school and humanity.

Farnam’s High School graduates have went out into the world prepared to meet the greater obstacles of life, all because of the advantages offered in the course of study here. To look over th Alumni list you find them employed in practically every line of business with a good record to back them, showing that their work and efforts put forth in F.H.S. were not in vain.

And now the patrons of the school have found it necessary, that in order to accomodate the students who are taking advantage of the opportunities which they are offering in their school, more room is needed. This is being provided in the new building which is now being erected. The dimensions of the building are 51x55 ft. With the room offered by the old faithful building now in use and the extra room which will soon be ready for use, we feel that Farnam citizens are playing their part in the advancement and betterment of their school system, which is, in the long run a long stride taken towards abolishing the less fascinating turns of life and a stepping stone to the better conditions and morals of civilization.

The Farnam Echo (6):1, Thursday, 18 December 1924


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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