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New H. S. Building Being Erected

Edward E. Green and his assistant arrived here the middle of last week and began the construction work on the new High School building Thursday. The ground has been excavated and the foundation was put in yesterday. They expect to be ready to start laying brick the first of the week and Mr. Green made the statement that if the weather continued to stay nice that they would have the building under roof by the first of the year or before.

The Hatcher Lumber company have already unloaded five cars of brick and tile, four cars of sand and a car of lime the past few days for theis new building. The cement is being supplied from stock now on hand at the home yard. A tool house has been erected and everything is progressing nicely. Evidently they are making rapid strides to complete the building in the alloted time.

The Farnam Echo (2):1, Thursday, 20 November 1924


Published: 8/16/2022 -
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