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258 People in Farnam

In the 1960 population story Farnam lost 20.1 percent from the 1950 count. It now has 258 people compared to 323 ten years ago.

Dawson county had a gain of 0.1 percent. The 1960 count showed that 19,409 people were living in the county compared to 19,393 in 1950.

Lincoln county gained 4.1 percent in the 1960 census. 28,491 to 27,380 ten years ago.

Frontier county lost 18.6 percent in the population race. The county had 4,311 persons in 1960 compared to 5,282 ten years ago.

Only seven counties in the state had a bigger population loss than Frontier over the 10 year period.

Only 25 counties in the state showed a net gain. Dawson county showed the least gain.

The Farnam Press 21(3):1, Thursday, 24 November 1960


Published: 11/26/2022 -
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