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Lions Club Organized Here

A. T. Holcolm of Kearney, who had been working here for the organization of a local Lions Club, announced that the required fifteen members had been secured for the charter members and an organization meeting was held at the Odd Fellows hall Friday evening.

At this meeting, Postmaster Wayne E. Parker was selected as president for the remainder of the fiscal year and Owen Thompson as secretary-treasurer. Paul Osborn is first vice-president, John Rowland second vice-president, Ralph Clement third vice-president, and Ray Blackwood, Ralph McNickle, Burr Parker and Chas. Davis directors.

The Farnam club takes its place among the more than seventy clubs of Nebraska and more than four thousand in the entire international organization.

The members of the WSCS served the lunch for Friday’s meeting to thirteen of the charter members and the organizer.

The first and third Tuesdays of each month were chosen as regular meeting dates for the club.

The fifteen charter members are Ray Blackwood, Ralph Clement, Charley Davis, Gilbert Hudson, Sam Jones, Sam Mitchel, Ralph McNickle, Paul Osborn, Wayne Parker, Burr Parker, L. D. Rodgers, John Rowland, Dean Rice, O. T. Thompson and L. H. Whitman.

The Farnam Press 1(32):1, Thursday, 1 May 1941


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