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President's Birthday Ball to Benefit Infantile Paralysis

It certainly will appeal to all who heard, on Thanksgiving day, the radio report, as the President entered the dining room of the hospital at Warm Springs, Ga, where there were dozens of children, some on beds, some on crutches and with canes, all being treated for their affliction, such care being made possible by the fact that the President had given to the public, the Warm Springs, for the purpose of providing relief for those who were afflicted as he had been.

As he entered the room these greatful children engaged in singing a song dedicated to him and portraying their gratitude for the provision and generous forethought of their benefactor.

It is needless to say the President was hardly able to speak when he was called to the microphone but, finally he became composed and spoke and what he said was very touching to those who heard.

The Dawson County Benefit will be a ball, held at the new army in Lexington on the evening of the 31st. A well planned program will be in store for those who attend.

Let us all put our shoulders to the wheel and help provide the means so that any who need the care will not be denied the help so provided.

Local chairmen have been appointed to promote the sale of tickets and these tickets may be purchased at every town in the county.

The Farnam Echo 35(21):1, Thursday, 26 January 1939


Published: 2/7/2023 -
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