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Farnam Gets A Flying Saucer

The “flying saucer” has finally made its appearance at Farnam, Claude Clement picked up one of the contraptions in his wheat field west of town Sunday evening and brought it to town next morning.

It is a little large to be called a saucer, and much larger than those reported from other localities, being about twenty inches across, and has the appearance of being the bottom cut from a galvanized wash tub. It has all the marks of having been very hot.

Two tubes protrude from opposite sides of the disc which are part of its jet propelling mechanism. On top of the disc is mounted a little housing made from a toaster frame with radio tube, small light bulb, numerous wires, small battery and an aerial wire about a foot high. It is very crudely made and is slightly bent, probably the result of striking the ground.

The Farnam Press 7(46):1, Thursday, 7 August 1947


Published: 8/14/2022 -
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