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Record Crowd Armistice Day

Large Crowd Present Considering Cold Weather;
Over 35 Well Decorated Floats Take Part
In Parade; Farmers Win in the Tug-
of-War Fracas

Farnam, on Armistice day, pulled off what will go down in its history as the greatest celebration of the many held in this city. In its big street parade, the opening feature in the morning, there was exhibited an originality that could not possibly be excelled. That is the common opinion expressed, the approval being as unanimous as the co-operation given which insured the success of the day. It would be futile to undertake a detail review of the parade as there were over thirty0five cars each decorated to suit the occasion.

The day was cold, cloudy and windy but a large crowd was in Farnam to witness the features of the day and had the weather been mild and warm Farnam would have been unable to accommodate the crowds. The Stockville band furnished music for the day, their numbers being appreciated by the large crowd who heard them and they gave a long program in the theatre.

The street sports were pulled off and prizes awarded to the winners of each race. The Farmers won the tug-of-war contest from the Farnam gang and this was an outstanding feature of the day. We are unable to print the winners of each race but much interest was swown and entries were not hard to find.

After dinner the program was held in the Bayley theatre to a capacity crowd and a large number stood on the outside during the program. America was played by the band, followed by prayer by J. B. Kitchen, G.A.R. member, after which the Farnam Glee Club sang a number of fine selections. The speaker engaged for the day was unable to be here, being delayed with car trouble and Dr. A. E. Reeves gave a short interesting talk on incidents of the late war, and the large audience gave him an enthusiastic reception, both at the beginning and close of his speech. The closing number, “The Star Spangled Banner” was played by the band.

Following the program at the theatre Farnam High clashed with Stockville school and defeated them to a score of 19 to 0 in a fast game of football and following this game the Ingham team and the Farnam reserves clashed for four ten minute quarters, Farnam coming out of the mess with a winning hand the score being 12 to 0.

In the evening the Free picture show was a big attraction to the visitors and the theatre was crowded to its capacity. Managers Blackwood and Hugo staged a dance after the picture show.

The Legion, Auxiliary and the Farnam retailers, under whose auspices this celebration was presented, those who participated in the parades and committee work and the vast crowds of visitors alike are pleased with the celebration. It was a task well done. Let us try to make this an annual affair.

The Farnam Echo 20(1):1, Friday, 17 November 1922


Published: 8/12/2022 -
Hosted and Published by Weldon Hoppe