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Armistice Day Parade

Armistice day was celebrated all over the United States in honor of the day when all of the soldiers laid their arms down.

In the small town of Farnam it was also honored. The parade seemed to be one of the most fascinating features about it. It consisted of our soldier boys from this vicinity and two classes of the high school, the Freshman and the Sophomores.

The parade started from the school house promptly at one o’clock. The soldier boys in their khaki suits marched double file ahead of the rest. They carried with them a flag with a gold eagle on the top of the staff. Next came the float of the Sophomores, consisting of Indians and Pilgrims. A pilgrim man and woman led and they were followed by a float pulled by a beautiful team of black horses which were decorated in the colors of the class, maroon and gold. The wagon was decorated in the colors of old Glory. In the wagon sat William Penn surrounded by Indians and one Pilgrim man. Slowly walking behind the wagon came the squaws.

The next and last float was the representation of the flag by the Freshman class. They were in a float decorated with red white and blue and were dressed to represent the colors of the flag. Uncle Sam was standing at one end holding a large flag.

After the parade was over there was a hurrying and hustling to get in the opera house to hear the speech which was to be made by Judge Nisley—By Naomi Wharton

The Farnam Echo 19(3):1, Thursday, 17 November 1921


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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