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Armistice Celebration Big Success

After the weather turning off so stormy a great many abandoned the hope of celebrating Monday, but when morning dawned it was only a few minutes until the sun began to show his smiling face which made the whole world seem happy once more. Everybody began to hustle and get floats and cars ready for the big parade which took place shorly after 2:o,clock. The Program which was to have been at the theatre at 10:30 a.m. was postponed until 1:pm.

This program was one of the most interesting features of the day. Each part being well chosen and well given made it very effective.

The drills given by the grades were enjoyed, especially those given by the fifth and sixth grade girls and the Primary room. And soft were the fingers, when played upon the tenderest chord of the human heart when the waving flag was placed before the Audience. When the first strain of music from the Star Spangled Banner floated to the listening ear, that mass of living Humanity arose and reverently gave their attention while their National hymn was played twice.

Following the program the parade formed at the school building and came down main street and passed before a huge crowd which lined either side. There were somewhere around twenty well decorated floats which received much comments from the spectators. It would be almost impossible to give you a full description of them but it is needless to say they were all splendid. One worthy of special mention was a float prepared by the Legion Auxiliary, it was a wagon filled with dirt and lined with rows of white crosses and the mounds were covered with red poppies to represent the fields where the boys are resting who so gallantly gave their lives for the cause of democracy. It was drawn by four huge gray horses driven by two men in uniform. The streets were so muddy that the band, the American Legion and football teams were unable to march as had been planned.

As soon as the parade had passed everyone rushed to the football grounds to witness the big game played between Stockville and the home boys.

The game started off with Farnam kicking to Stockville and was practically all played in the center of the field the first half. Farnam’s line was going strong and their line plunges were making good ground. Stockville seemed to have hard work to force against the F.H.S. line and had to resort to an aerial attack along toward the last of the game. They made several passes which were incomplete. Willard Carman made a pretty drop kick in the third quarter which gave Farnam the first points of the game. In the last five minutes of the game Stockville made a pass which Whetstone intercepted, but Stockville’s umpire stated that he tackled their man before he had received the ball and thus they penalized our boys 15 yards which put Stockville within a short distance of the line and they went thru for a touchdown but failed to make the kick, and then the whistle blew and the game was ended with the score standing 6 to 3 in Stockville’s favor.

Sunflower college, or the boys from District No. 3 Frontier county also played a little game of football between halves of the big game and the Farnam grade boys won by a 6 to 0 score.

In the evening a free picture show was given at the theatre, entitled “Home Talent.” There was a large crowd at both shows after which the Auxiliary gave their dance.

The foot races scheduled for 1 o’clock had to be called off on account of the streets being so muddy. But take it all together the day was pretty well filled and everybody seemed to have a good time. We hope that we may have ideal weather next year as it has stormed or something has happened every year to make things rather unpleasant for Armistice celebration.

Much credit is due our committee for this special program and the manner in which it was pulled off and they wish to thank all who helped to make it a success.

The Farnam Echo 21(1):1, Thursday, 15 November 1923


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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