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Peterson Suggestion a Good One

Nebraska City, Dec. 8, 1919.

The Farnam Echo, Farnam, Nebr.

My Dear Mr. Tuttle:

There is a matter which I believe should have a little agitation pertaining to the Farnam soldiers of the great war. To my knowledge a post of the American Legion has never been formed there. The American Legion proposed to teach 100 per cent Americanism, somthing that is needed at this particular time as never before in the history of our great country. The present wave of radicalism and would-be bolshevists which is spreading over the nation is appalling to the average American citizen, to say the least. The American Legion is one organization which can curb this menace most successfully at this time. It stands for proper protection and assistance to those who were wounded and maimed at the battle front. It further advocates fitting commemoration and honor for those brave men who made the supreme sacrifice that the principles of justice and liberty might live.

I propose that a post of the American Legion be formed at Farnam, that this post be known as the Leonard Banks Post of the American Legion. Few men who left Farnam made the sacrifice as Leonard Banks did. He was loved and respected by all who knew him. Was a good citizen and fine soldier, serving faithfully and well. We can do no less to revere and perpetuate his honor than by giving the post of the American Legion of Farnam his respected name.

I would be glad to give any information relative to organizing the post. State President Earl M. Kline makes his home in this city.

Yours very respectfully,
Lloyd E. Peterson

The Farnam Echo 17(2):1, Thursday, 18 December 1919


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