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Memorial Game in Honor of Ronald Lewis

A good crowd of early season football bugs turned out at the College field Friday night for the Ron Lewis Memorial game and were treated to some two hours of gridiron entertainment.

The college A eleven, dressed in white jerseys, whipped the blue-shirted B outfit, 12-0, and the Antelope shock-troopers launched a late game attach to nip Coach Harlan Wyant’s Kearney high Bear Cats, 13-0.

A memorial will be erected to the late Ron Lewis, who for four years was an outstanding star for Kearney State.

Local football fans came through in fine style the other night and the Ron Lewis Memorial games raised $134. Cecil B. Worley, of the Feis Memorial Works provided a fine stone and will supervise the setting of it in the Farnam cemetery. The memorial will probably be in place by the first of next week.—Kearney Hub.

The Farnam Echo 35(3):1, Thursday, 22 September 1938


Published: 9/27/2023 -
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