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Dredging and Fill Work on Kingsley Dam to Start Soon

Work will begin in earnest on the largest construction unit of the Tri-County project—the earth fil at the Kingsley dam, on the North Platte river near Keystone, says the Hastings Tribune.

The five million dollar bid of the Minneapolis Dredging company and the Martin Wunderlich company, both of Minneapolis, accepted by the district on July 5th, but the matter of bonding and other matter had held up the work. All matters were cleared up last Friday and the construction companies are immediately moving in equipment for the work.

The work by these two companies will virtually complete the construction of the huge Kingsley dam. A million and a half dollars of the work will be done during the fall and winter months so that dredging and the main part of the fill can begin early in 1939. George E. Johnson, chief engineer of the project has been told.

A transmission line from North Platte will carry power for operating of dredgery machinery and other equipment.

The contract awarded to the Morrison-Knundsen Company, Inc., the Utah Construction Company and the General Construction Company for the construction of the large spillway, outlet works, stilling basin and steel sheet pile cut-off wall has been completed and accepted by the district. This work was completed at a total cost of $3,000,000.

The Farnam Echo 35(2):1, Thursday, 15 September 1938


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