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Detour on 23-N West of Farnam

Due to bridge construction work now in progress between Farnam and Moorefield, the 23-N road has been changed temporarily and goes northwest, from the Deer creek hill about 3 miles west of town, thru Ingham and follows on up the West Deer creek road and then turns south to Moorefield, so that it comes into Moorefield from directly north, and connects there again with the regular highway to Curtis.

This highway construction between Farnam and Moorefield will complete the last link of the road from Holdrege to Maywood and is a much needed road, though the construction will be costly, as there are numerous canyons and high hills to be crossed. The road will follow the general line of the present road somewhat, but a large number of the dangerous curves will be eliminated by straightening it in several places, where it follow the canyons in order to eliminate some of the steep hills.

The Farnam Echo 34(43):1, Thursday, 30 June 1938


Published: 8/16/2022 -
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