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Has An Explosion

Explosion of an acetylene welding machine generator created havoc at the Patterson & Son machine shop late Saturday forenoon. They had just completed a long welding job shortly before the explosion, and the generator warmed up to its job and developed too much pressure for the safety valve to take care of. The big tank hit the ceiling of the shop, part of it penetrating through the roof, and had it not been for a line shaft that interrupted its flight, the whole generator would have been on the roof. Carbide was blown to all parts of the room. W. E. Patterson and Bill Brock were liberally sprinkled with the carbide, which got into their eyes, but no permanent injury is expected to result. The fire house was called into service to clean up the shop. —Gothenburg Times.

The Farnam Echo 34(31):1, Thursday, 7 April 1938


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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