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Destructive Wind Hits Farnam

A destructive wind accompanied by rain and hail hit this section of the country last Thursday afternoon, doing much damage to farm buildings and crops in the rural districts as well as town property.

The storm came from the southwest and took a north-easterly course extending for several miles.

The north end of the Farnam power house was blown in and the telephone system in that part of town was completely demoralized. Numerous barns and windmills were totally wrecked and several residences were seriously damaged. There are a few cases of loss of live stock reported.

Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Poisett, who were attending the Decoration Day program at the pavilion, saw the storm approaching and decided to leave for their farm immediately; just as they crossed the railroad track the storm overtook them overturning their carriage and bruising the occupants slightly.

One of the peculiar pranks played by the storm is related by O. L. Hudson, who had a team of horses tied in the barn; after the storm the barn was a total wreck and scattered all over the premises but the horses were still standing where the barn originally stood, untied and unhurt.

The Farnam Echo 15(26):1, Thursday, 6 June 1918


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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