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Contracts Let for New Grade School Building

Last Thursday at a meeting of the school board the bids on the new grade school building were read, and after considering the bids the board let the contracts as follows:

General contract was let to Carl J. Hempel, of Hastings, for $15,263. The building is to be completed by Sept. 1st.

The heating and plumbing went to Otto Heleberg for $3,705, and includes a new boiler in the heating plant.

The wiring went to the Curtis Electric shop at Curtis for $584.

This makes a total of the three contracts for the new building $19,552.

The building which burned down last winter was erected by Mr. Hempel and his father, who were in the construction business together at that time.

The Farnam Echo 43(26), Thursday, 1 May 1930


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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