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From Camp Cody (Harris)

Dear Mother:

This is Tuesday and I just came off guard. I have been on for three days and nights, so you see I am pretty sleepy. I was guarding a prisoner down in the hospital and they operated on him for appendicitis. I stood right there and watched them do it, but I don’t believe I want to see another.

Tomorrow we are going to have a big inspection of everything. The 16th of March we have our last review in this camp, they are shipping out all the horses and mules. We are going to move north some place.

Tomorrow we go to the gas house with gas masks, they will turn some paralyzing gas in on us. Two weeks ago they gave us tear gas and made us pull our masks off, believe me, I cried harder than I ever did before in my life.

We have had nothing but two hours of athletics each day for over a week, but I guess they have us signed up for a couple more weeks of drill, beginning Monday.

Tell the folks I got the candy, and I thank them very much.

From the Rookie from the 13th Squad,

Lester L. Harris.

The Farnam Echo 15(14), Tuesday, 26 February 1918


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