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From the Miller Boys (Archie)

April 19, 1918.

I received your letter the other day and was sure glad to get it. We just got back yesterday from a four days’ hike, the second day was the hardest, we only went 18 miles, we were going through the mountains and most of the time we were climbing up; if the turns in the trail had been counted we would have gone twice as far. We camped at old Fort Cummings 4,000 feet above sea level in a little valley. We passed a place where there had been a bunch of soldiers camped. (Once upon a time) the Indians killed the whole bunch, they stormed the fort and lost nearly half their tribe in the operation, it was reported it has been an awful strong fort when it was in use; it has a rock wall about four feet high clear around it, one line of breast works running across the valley about a quarter of a mile east of it, on top of the ridge is another stone fence enclosing about an acre. The next day we had a sham battle and fought our way clear to Florida and camped (a pretty good days’ march I say). The next day we got in about 1 p.m. This is the only company in the regiment that did not lose men. We had all of ours when we got in but some of them were dragging out their tracks out behind them.

We go out to the trenches Wednesday. After we come back from there we get a week’s drilling and then go on a 15 days’ hike. We expect it to be our last, but of course don’t know.

Gov. Neville was here and made a speech. He sure bragged on our regiment and then began on the ones at home and they were just a little better than the soldiers. One Missourian was going to whip the whole company because the governor said that Nebraska has done more than any other state in the Union (of course we all agreed with the governor).

I have to go on division guard tonight.

A. E. Miller
Co. L 134 Inf.
Camp Cody, N.M.

The Farnam Echo 15(22):2, Thursday, 9 May 1918


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