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Call To Arms From Wilson

The United States last Friday accepted Germany’s challenge to war and formally abandoned its place as the greatest neutral of a world in arms.

President Wilson at 1:18 (official time) o’clock signed the resolution of congress declaring the existence of a state of war and authorizing and directing the chief executive to employ all the resources of the nation to prosecute hostilities against the German government to a successful termination. The act was done without ceremony and only in the presence of members of the president’s family. Word was flashed immediately to all army and naval stations and to vessels at sea and orders for further precautionary steps were dispatched. By proclamation the president announced the state of war, called upon all citizens to manifest their loyalty and assured Germans in this country that they would be unmolested as long as they behaved themselves.

The Farnam Echo 14(13):1, Thursday, 12 April 1917


Published: 8/16/2022 -
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